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PH/ORP Sensor - S401DIG / S406DIG

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PH/ORP Sensor - S401DIG / S406DIG PH/ORP Sensors Chemitec Water Analytical

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Digital PH/ORP Sensor - S401DIG / S406DIG

The sensor S401 DIG is used for digital measurement of pH in pure water, wastewater treatment plants, suspended solids fouling processes, processes with pollutants, processes with high concentrations of sulfides, coagulation and flocculation, scrubbers, galvanic processes, surface finishing, processes of elimination or recovery of heavy metals.

Applications pH Measurement in:
• Water and Wastewater Treatment
• Coagulation and Flocculation
• Process Monitoring and Control
• Acid / Caustic Neutralization Plant Effluent

Features and benefits
• Reliable pH measure thanks to the use of a process of digital measurement
• Communication of measurements via MODBUS RTU protocol
• Possibility to execute all the calibrations via serial port
• Absence of moving mechanical parts
• Immediate installation and easy maintenance

The S401 DIG pH Electrode is suitable for pH measures in various applications. The porous Teflon® liquid junction resists fouling and chemical attack. Double junction reference cells increase the servicelife in applications containing sulfides (H2S) and metals such as lead, mercury and silver. The new cast-in-place solidreference electrolyte helps maintain a constant reference cell potential by resisting dilution over time with pressure and temperature changes. The new capillary temperature sensor design places the Pt100 behind the pHsensitive membrane for accurate temperature compensation and measurement. The IP68 environmental rating protects the high imped-ance pH electrode signal from moisture resulting from condensate build up in submersion pipes.

Controllers: 50 Series

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